This book is written in two parts, by two different authors. Part I is by Murray Newlands and Part II is by Jim F. Kukral. If you’d like to know more about each author you can find more details by visiting their websites at and, respectively.

Why would they split the book into two parts? The authors originally decided to collaborate on this book so that they could bring you as many possible perspectives on personal branding as they could, in their own voice. But when they started writing and sharing what they wrote with each other, they realized that it would be easier to break the book up into separate parts instead of trying to mash all the ideas together.

As you read each part, you’ll see the different styles of writing and approach in how to communicate their lessons. Neither is better than the other; they’re just different.

Enjoy the book and remember that your journey to building a strong personal brand starts now… today! One last thing, don’t forget to visit for more information about the book, or to share it with your friends and associates. Oh, and after you’re done reading, how about a review?


What Is Personal Branding Copyright © by jim F. Kukral & Murray Newlands. All Rights Reserved.


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