Why shape your personal brand? Because it’s YOURS. Taking responsibility, standing out, being memorable, harnessing the Internet and owning your future mean acting out the role that is already yours, as president and CEO of you. And while others out there will certainly assist you when you need it, no one will put as much time, effort and focus into your personal brand as you. You need to own it, live it, and build it until it becomes second nature.

Fifty years ago it was imperative for a company to create and promote their corporate brand, and these days no company would imagine existing without a brand. When Tom Peters announced the opportunity for each of us to create a personal brand in 1997, it was just the beginning. Just over ten years later, it has become essential for anyone entering the workforce to cultivate a strong personal brand.

You can and should pay attention to and take charge of your personal branding efforts. And, lucky for you, the rest of this book is focused on helping you do that!


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