There should always be an agenda when building your personal brand. You’re not doing it just for fun. You’re doing it because it’s going to help you in some way, either with your business or career or picking up other singles at the local church mixer. So think about it a little bit before you dive right in.

What are you trying to accomplish? Is it that you want to become a thought-leader in your industry so you can leverage that to a better paying job someday? Is it that you want to launch a new business in your community so you want people to know who you are and remember you?

Who are you trying to reach? Start thinking like a marketer. These are potential customers, every one of them. You may not be selling a physical product or service, but you are selling YOU. The first step in great marketing is understanding your target audience.

What are their biggest problems? Who are they exactly? What do they want and need? Take out a pen and paper and write down the answers to those questions. Build a perfect customer on paper and then you can begin to build a marketing campaign (your personal brand) that appeals to that person.


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