If you want to build stronger relationships with existing clients, then let them into your world. Create videos that show your office. Show them the people that work on their accounts. Show their cubicles. Interview them. Show the lunchroom. Take videos of the Christmas party and share them with them. Let them in!

Remember, people show allegiance to people they have relationships with. Your job is to continue to build strong relationships with your customers so they never, ever leave you.

A great tool to create videos easily is called Animoto.com. With Animoto.com, you can upload photos, add some music and instantly create a video slideshow, all through a web browser, all for a small monthly fee. Go give it a shot right now. Take pics of every employee in your company sitting at their desks and make a little movie with each person. Take a bunch of pictures of your show floor, or your warehouse and make a movie showing off the facilities. Heck, take some pictures of your last fishing trip and make a fun little video that you can send to clients.

Let them in! Let them get to know you!


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