People come to the Internet for two reasons, and two reasons only. The first is to have a problem solved. The second is to be entertained. Here are a few examples of how you can take that concept and use it to make videos to entice potential customers.

Imagine you are a plumber for a moment. Your job is to solve problems for people who have flooded basements and broken toilets and leaky faucets. So customers come to the Internet and type in “Plumber.” Then they start clicking on links that most appropriately match what they think they need.

Imagine the customer coming to your website for your plumbing company and finding a video on the front page of your site that says something like, “Hi, I’m Rob for XYZ Plumbing. I’ve helping residents in the New York Area fix their biggest plumbing problems for over ten years. If you are having trouble in your home or business, I can come right away to fix it fast and get your life back to normal.”

Powerful. Think about it from the customer perspective. They have a huge problem that needs fixed right away. They want to choose someone they trust and who can do the job right. They also know in the back of their head that this person they hire is going to come into their home or business. The video on Rob’s site solves all of those issues quickly. It gives the customer comfort in knowing who they will be inviting into their home, and it also makes them feel comfortable that they can have their problem solved quickly.

Rob the plumber could take it to a whole new level if he were smart. He could take his camera into someone’s basement that has been flooded and show the damage. Then he could put that video on his website and show potential customers the kind of things he deals with on a daily basis, which, of course, helps the customer relate and understand him.

It’s branding! Rob is using the power of video to let his customers have an experience with him, before they even hire him!


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