The Power of Video

When someone reads something you wrote, how effective is that in helping him or her engage with you? Sure it works, but it’s not as powerful a way to build an instant relationship with someone as video can do for you.

Before the Internet, the best way (and sometimes still the best way) to engage with a potential customer, or employer, was to meet them face-to-face. Or maybe you threw your mug on a television or magazine ad and hoped the target audience would “get to know you” that way. Because that’s what we’re talking about here, letting your target audience get to know you, and there’s no better way to help that happen than to use the power of Web video.

The days of having to have an ultra-professional video done by an expensive video crew are gone. YouTube came along and changed the world! No longer do people expect fancy videos that look like they cost thousands of dollars. No, what happened is that people began to realize that authenticity is better than advertisements.

We’re bombarded with advertisements hundreds of times a day, and it just keeps getting worse. So the human brain has found ways to tune them out, and instead, look for the authentic messages. Which is great news for you or your business because you have the opportunity to create authentic videos that you can send to the world (full of your potential customers) that can help them know who you are.

I’ve always said that people buy from people, not businesses. At the end of the day, your potential customer wants to buy from you, not your logo or tri-fold brochure, or your website.

That being said, it’s now time for you to go out and start making videos that you can use. Here are a few ideas to get you going.


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