You’ve got to own your personal brand. And I mean own it! Every piece of it on the Internet.

Imagine this scenario. You are up for the job you’ve always wanted and have begun the interview process. The recruiter for the company you’re applying to goes to Google and types your name, because that’s what they all do. The recruiter scans the first page of the results in frustration, as they can’t find any links or information about you specifically. They can only find information about other people with your name.

So the recruiter keeps looking. Eventually they give up and decide to go to Facebook and look you up. Unfortunately, there are 997 other people with your name there as well (I mean, they do have over 100 million users). So the recruiter then goes to Twitter and LinkedIn and tries to track you down there.

Eventually, they find you, but it took them way too long, and they’re probably frustrated and less interested at this point.

Now imagine this scenario instead. Because you own your domain name (yourname.com), and you own your Twitter and Facebook name in the same manner (Twitter.com/yourname and Facebook.com/yourname), the recruiter is most likely going to search Google and guess what is going to pop up first?  YOUR personal brand, showing up as one, or in many of those forms. In other words, they’re going to find you, when you need to be found.

This is no joke here. You MUST own your personal brand. You MUST own the virtual land on the first page of the search engines. Make NO mistake about it. You are directly competing with every other person in the world who shares your name, and vice versa.

This is war!

And you want to win, in a big way, for many reasons. So here’s how to get started. This step-by-step guide will tell you how to secure your personal brand from start to finish. If you follow all of the steps here you will be able to have a better chance of owning your virtual land forever.


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