Just because your name is “Mike Smith” doesn’t mean that you can’t be memorable. Sure, there are a couple of hundred thousand (if not more) Mike Smiths in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a personal brand that attaches itself to that name and makes it stand out.

Yes, branding yourself as Mike Smith is an exercise in futility. But what if you were Mike “The Landscaping Guy” Smith? Or Mike “Mixologist Man” Smith? It all sounds so cheesy to many, but let’s face facts: people are usually very bad with names, but great with remembering concepts. A good concept is a good marketing campaign for yourself. It enhances your brand to a level of which a customer can embrace and remember.

In marketing and branding circles, it has been proven that if you say something over and over and over again, it eventually becomes true, or it sticks. Politicians have been using this trick for hundreds of years. If you keep repeating your message over and over, it eventually sinks in and/or becomes part of your brand.

So imagine if you branded yourself as Sally Reynolds, “Social Media Superstar!” and you put that message in your email signature, and your website header, and on your business cards and on your vanity plates for your car, your domain name, and everywhere else you could possible put it.  Imagine now how you are beginning to create a memorable brand presence that says what you do, and helps your audience (again, your customers) understand what you do, and most importantly, remember who you are.


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