There’s something to be said for being weird. Weird is different, and sometimes, just sometimes, if you want to stand out, you need to be a little different. Now mind you, sometimes being a little weird won’t work. It’s definitely a risky way to brand yourself. However, it can be argued that if you’re living in a very competitive space full of other personal brands that are all pretty much the same, then being weird might just work out.

Don’t just be weird for the sake of trying to get a reaction because it won’t work. The most successful weird people in the world do it because they are authentically weird. In other words, you can’t fake it.

But if you are a little bit different, perhaps it’s time to unleash that into your personal brand and see where it takes you. We’ve all seen successful people who have built a brand off of their weirdness. That university scholar with the strange haircut, or that artist who always walks with a cane and a top hat. People are interested in weird, and getting interest is over half the battle.

How weird can you get? Give it a try, you weirdo, you!


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