I’ve always defined “brand experience” as the sticky green goo that people get on their hands after they have an experience with you, virtually or in person. The difference between a good brand experience and a bad one is whether or not the person runs to wash their hands immediately, or instead licks it off.

Yeah, it’s gross. But it’s a realistic way to illustrate how powerful branding is to the human brain. When we come in contact with anything we have an experience with it. That can be a company, or their logo, or culture, or attitude, or even…a person. So when we experience something or someone, we develop an opinion of them, or it, or whatever. It’s just how our brains work.

We make judgments on everything we come in contact with and then we build tiny virtual data files about that experience and store in our brains. We also then weigh that experience with every other little experience we’ve ever had. Then we make our judgment.

Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. But we definitely choose either way.

And that is what is called a brand. Personal, business, or not. A brand is the opinion a person has of you after having an experience with you. That experience could be as simple as looking at a picture of you on Facebook. Or reading your resume. Or meeting you at a luncheon. Or hearing about you from a reference. Or all of the above (most likely).

Your brand is YOU! And how other people think of you. Pretty important, right? Yes! Personal branding is important. Building a strong personal brand can elevate you to a whole new world of success in life, business and your career. Heck, it can even affect your love life!

This book is about 1) Helping you understand how important a personal brand can be, and 2) Giving you the motivation and knowledge to build your own personal brand that you can use to get what you want.

So let’s get to work. Are you ready? Read on.


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