No matter where you are in your career, NOW is the time to start taking control of your personal brand. It’s likely that you didn’t think much about your personal brand at the beginning of your career—most people don’t, which is just too bad.

Your personal brand is powerful. It starts telling the story of you before you do. In the business world, most people will meet your brand in some form before they meet you in person. A personal brand isn’t something you do once and then walk away from—it’s something that becomes part of how you present yourself in every situation, online or offline.

From the clothes you wear and the business card you offer to the articles you write and tweets you send—it’s all part of the brand called YOU.

So you don’t have a personal brand, what now?

Discover, create and build the personal brand you want. It’s up to you to take responsibility, stand out from the crowd, be memorable, harness the power of the Internet and own your future.

Spend the time examining your professional and personal life up to this point, and then spend as much time setting your goals for the future. Where they overlap is the essence I’m talking about, and that’s the starting point for building your personal brand.

This book should give you a sense of urgency—harness that urgency and get started now. Don’t rush into making big changes all at once, however. Self-presentation of the essence of you is a habit you will develop over time.

Ask yourself the hard questions. Discover what your personal brand is and what you want it to grow into. Dig deep and let your answers guide your future. A strong personal brand will help grow your career.

Start discovering and planning today, and start incorporating changes over time. Make sure things feel right to you, and make sure you’re comfortable with the changes in the long-term. These are changes that will need to be sustained, not just done once or twice and cast aside.

Consistency is crucial. So is understanding that what’s important is the message and not the medium. Personal branding happens everywhere, online and offline, and it comes from everything you do, say and create.

Finally, nurture your relationships. Your personal brand does start with you, but it plays out in every relationship you have and comes across in what other people say about you. You can change that perception developing relationships with bloggers and with online PR.

Discovering, creating and building my own personal brand have been a challenging but also a rewarding process. If you would like help to supercharge you personal brand online and offline or just to talk I would love to hear about how it is going and help you in any way that I can, so please visit me at www.murraynewlands.com or connect with Jim at www.jimkukral.com

I wish you the best on this important journey.


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