“Brands are complex and not especially one dimensional. Don’t try to be a one-note experience…. Don’t whittle yourself down to a simple footnote. Be complex and colorful and interesting. Only, be sure you can say what you’re about in one easy sentence, and that others have a sense of what you represent without your help.” — Chris Brogan

If you’re sitting there thinking, “OK, I understand what personal branding is, but I still don’t get why I need to put time into this,” you’re right where most people are when they first start learning about personal branding. It’s common to think of personal branding as something that famous people do, or something that college kids need to do to help find their first job, but taking care of your personal brand is important no matter what stage in your career you are at.

This chapter isn’t called “Why You Need a Personal Brand,” it’s called “Why You Need TO SHAPE Your Personal Brand.” The truth is, you already have a personal brand, whether you’ve done anything about it or not. Your current personal brand is out there, and while it may be weak, it is your starting point. Your job as CEO of the company of YOU is to do everything you can to shape that personal branding into what you want to convey.

Here are 5 key reasons why taking control of your personal brand is an imperative:


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