Owning your personal brand means owning your personal future. Personal branding not only allows you to harness what is your essence in the here and now, it gives you the base to build on it as you grow, change, and build for the future.

This happens in two ways: 1) By taking charge of your personal brand, you strengthen it and give it more definition, and 2) A strong personal branding presence will open more doors for you to grow in the future.

As you know by now, your personal brand already exists. Your choice is not whether to have one or not, but whether to take an active role in shaping and strengthening that personal brand. Of course, you can have a strong impact on your personal interactions—what you wear, and how you give your information to people, for example—but the key shift in the last decade is that you can have a real and lasting impact on what your Internet presence looks like and how you are presented there.

When you own how you are presented today both online and off, you are one step closer to owning where you will be tomorrow. You can take the definition and direction you want for your personal brand and career and integrate it into blog posts, interviews, YouTube videos, and your own personal website. What you add and develop will help you drive the discussion with potential clients or employers about what projects and jobs you take on in the future.


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