How is being memorable different from standing out? Standing out is something you do over time, something you build. Being memorable is something you do in a single moment that people carry with them and think of when they least expect it. Making yourself and what you have to offer memorable means different things in different contexts, but it is always critical to your personal branding efforts.

Whether you are an employee or a contractor, making yourself memorable in the office setting means that your co-workers or boss will think of you first when a new project comes up. If you build your personal brand within the office, that means you get more taps on the shoulder for projects that fit within your brand, meaning you get to do more of what you love, which further gives you greater opportunities to grow and become more skilled in that area.

When you attend a conference, even if you are speaking, there is so much going on and so many people there, that being memorable takes on even greater importance. Because the value of a conference is often in the connections you make there, even more than the content being presented, being memorable is even more important. When you go home with dozens of business cards, how do you decide who to contact? Why would someone want to contact you? Figuring out how to be memorable at a conference will increase the power of your personal brand tenfold.

Finally, the Internet is built for fast browsing and jumping around. Every day it is possible to see hundreds of different voices or content providers. Being memorable when you only have a few seconds is of the utmost importance for shaping your personal brand.


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